Our Team

Our pioneers of health and wellness are dedicated to supporting and cultivating quality in providers of integrative health modalities and supporting individuals on their wellness journey. 

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Savanna Powell

Our Director of Ambassador Services. She attended Red Rocks Community and became a Certified Wellness Coach, Integrative Health Professional, and a Yoga Instructor.

Her passion for Integrative Health first started when she experienced health issues in her early twenties. When she began her journey in integrative health practices and began  incorporating holistic modalities in her life, not only did she feel healthier physically, but mentally and spiritually as well! 

Her mission is to help others heal and become the best versions of themselves. She believes to her core that YOU are already WHOLE and everything you desire is already WITHIN YOU!

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Sarah Kelly

Our Senior Content Creator. She supports Holihum through written resources and information dissemination; our providers can benefit from the resource content Sarah creates and use to support their role in serving others. Sarah’s lifelong passion for reading translated well into writing early in life. When she joined her school’s newspaper she won superior in news-writing. She’s been a contributor of written content to numerous websites and has published a serial fiction with the hopes of turning this into a novel one day. 

When she’s not obsessing over the Oxford comma or character development, you can find her playing games, drawing, or taking care of her increasing number of cats alongside her partner. 

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Jordan Sullivan

Our Director of Creative Content. She heads up the team dedicated to supporting providers through creative content and disseminating information for Holihum. She comes to us with over a decade of experience in event coordination & marketing. She has devoted much of her career in non-profit work and services dedicated to fostering abundance in wellness for the young and old. Her degree in foreign language helped nurture her appreciation of cultural individuality and has propelled her passion for international cultural immersion. 

Jordan enjoys starlit nights with her husband, nurturing their fur babies, staying active through absorbing Colorado’s natural beauty, nourishing others through her garden’s bounty, and exploring the world.

Lizzie Johnson

Our founder of The Holistic Hummingbird, LLC. Her experience in chronic pain spanned over a decade before she was introduced to the natural healing capabilities of the body. This launched a radical journey in wellness and planted the seed of burning desire to help others to discover their own body’s ability to heal. In 2013 she launched The Holistic Hummingbird and has allowed it to intuitively evolve into the business it is today. She holds a license in massage therapy, is a certified wellness coach and integrative health provider, and holds a degree in integrative health services. 

Her free time is filled with giggles of her two children, deep talks with her husband, wrestling with her pup, gardening, art, and a community of immensely supportive friends and family.